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Get In Over Your Head

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Today was spent weaving a sabotaged rails project back together. Usually, I would tell you all the gory details but I’m a little concerned. I enjoyed the experience. Actually, I did more than enjoy the experience. I was in ecstasy all day. Today was the most enjoyable work day I’ve had in a month or two, but why?

Being unchallenged or on the same project everyday causes me to lose hope. I would venture to guess that your job is the same way. If you are a developer then I know your job is that way. Any self-respecting developer hates to be bored. We hate any work day that we do not grow by learning something new. As a developer few things are worse than being stagnant.

Everything that I did today was fresh. I advanced my abilities as a developer and rescued a poor abused rails app from being replaced by static html. The horror! I was in an environment I’d never been in before and was probably in over my head. I loved it. It felt like I kicked the crap out of whoever left rails and the server in that state of affairs.

From now on, I’ll be fighting for another opportunity to jump into some totally screwed up project where I get to throw a few punches again.


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August 23, 2007 at 6:01 pm

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